19th Century

In the second half of the nineteenth century the United States became an increasingly mobile society.

Two reasons settlers went west were for gold and land. I know that settlers went west for gold was because Harriet Scott Palmer stated “In our home, in Illinoi’s in the early fifties, there was much talk and excitement over the news of the great gold discoveries in California”. I also know that settlers moved west was for land because the deed that was written to Henry stated “an act to secure homesteads to actual settlers on the public domain”. This means they had land ‘locked’ in for the people moving west.

Two impacts of the railroads on the west were you no longer had to worry about the dangers of the sea. I know that stated in the poster was “In less than four days avoiding the dangers of the sea”. The last impact was that it saved time. I know that because in the poster it stated “In less than four days”.

The impact westward on Native American lives were that the settlers moving west started settling on that land since the government brought it. I know that because it was stated it in the poster “Grand Rush For the Indian Territory over 15,000,000 acres: Land now open for settlement!”

Moving west had a huge impact on everybody’s life’s since it pushed people off their land for the new settles to move in.


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