What Are We?

Tri-States.com is a Photography website.  We photograph all types of topics.  Some topics include Vehicles, Living Things, Attractions and Athletic related posts like Football, Baseball and Racing. Those topics are mostly located in Tri-State area.  We are not freelance photographers.  We are a private photographers.  If you need to get in contact, contact us here at contact@tri-states.com.

Why Do We Exist?

Tri-State.com first started out as a hobby.  Then we decided to make the photos viewable to the public.  Our pictures are only public to view,  not to be downloaded and re-uploaded as your own content.  We would appreciate any feedback.  Including constructive criticism and feedback on how you feel towards us.  Our website is owned and maintained by PlaceBuilder01.  You can see him at PlaceBuilder01.com.

How Do We Photograph?

We attend local events and events on vacation and we photograph at the event.  We photograph using many cameras.  We use one Digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) for large events Canon 40D.  We use two iPhones, The iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6 Plus for small events.  We also have a point and shoot camera that we use in areas that are not DSLR friendly.

Where Are We?

Tri-States.com is not located any certain address.  It is located in the Tri-State Area.  The Tri-State Area is located on the East Coast of The United States.  Since we are located on the East Coast and you may not be we might to be able to respond to you instantly.  The Tri-State Area is where three states meet.  The three states are New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.