The Lightbulb

The lightbulb was invented by Thomas Edison in 1879. The light bulb was invented in England.   The lightbulb produces light so you can see in the dark. The lightbulb looked like an oval on top of a cylinder. The light comes out of the oval and the cylinder gets plugged into the roof or the outlet.


The lightbulb changed since it was first invented. The lightbulb first change was it got more efficient. The lightbulb also instead of being an oval on cylinder it’s a sphere on an oval. The lightbulb today can be brought in different amount of watts which means the light is brighter.


The lightbulb affected society because it is an invention with a flip of a switch you can make the room bright enough to see in the dark. My impressions of this invention are, I think it was a great invention because it made life so easy back when you needed to have a candle or light switch.


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