What is Freedom?

Freedom means to different things to different people. Freedom means to be able to speak or thing anything you want without anyone telling you can’t.

Freedom means to me is being able to speak or thing what you want when you want to. By that I mean United State Civilians can speak and think anything they want without anybody telling them they can think or say that. It also means to me that many people dies fighting for freedom. By that I mean that soldiers lost their lives fighting to earn United State civilians freedom. Freedom also means to me is being able to live your life choosing what you want to do as a job. By that I mean is that if you wear a female you can be anything you want you don’t have to be a school teacher. If you were a male you don’t need to be a farmer, black smith or a butcher. If you were a kid you don’t need to wash your family clothes.

Some people might be sensitive to the topic of freedom since people don’t realize that soldiers died fighting for freedom. Also I could not imagine not being able to have freedom of thinking and thinking then being told you can’t say that or think that.

As you read freedom means a lot to me since my grandfather served after that period of time but he still severed and I’m glad he survived but I’m sad that maybe some of his friend from when he served might of lost their lives. Not all countries have freedom but the United States does and some of United States citizens take freedom for granted and do not realize what they have. To this day people don’t understand the importance of freedom!

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